Launching the Forum: On-line Centre for Healing and Education

Dr Brenda Davies On-line Centre for Healing and Education


For many years I have been trying to build a space that would allow and encourage the exchange of spiritual ideas, sharing of hopes, supporting of growth and teaching of new concepts. I envisaged a place where practitioners and students alike could feel supported and where anyone could come and ask questions of spirituality, love, health, symptoms or share their joy or their pain. I wanted it to have an Undergrad forum, a post grad forum, a space for those using advanced techniques to meet and share as well as an inspirational spot, a book corner, a tutors common room and a place for organisers to meet. I planned a consulting room and also a place where I could teach with videos, lectures and audios and also a room where I could work with the people I mentor and do some corporate work too. It had to be absolutely secure so as to protect confidentiality and respect privacy. It had to be open to anyone in the world who wanted to come and it had to be available to people in their own language. It had to bring all that I do together in one place and give people easy access to me.

Over the last three months this dream has become a reality – well almost – we are still working on language. But it isn’t a building of bricks and mortar as I thought it would be.  Here are no wasted costs with up-keep of buildings and the income it generates will support good causes.

In fact it will have much more than I dreamed about since technology now allows teaching with pod casts and webinars for instance, and as technology advances even further, we have the capacity to expand with it.

So, I would like to extend a warm welcome to ‘The Brenda Davies On-line Centre for Healing and Education’ which will officially open on 10 March 2013.

It’s success will depend upon you and everyone else who comes willing to get involved, open a topic for discussion, ask a question, share an experience. The tutors will be there to answer clinical queries. I will be there too. Our wonderful administrator, Louise Dixon, will be ready to offer you codes and instructions and all of us will welcome you very warmly.

You will need to enter via the portal on the website and then follow the very easy directions.

Please come!

I really look forward to seeing you there.