Post-graduate events - UK - Fri 20 - Sat 21 November 2020 - ONLINE

Post-graduate Events

Friday 20 – Saturday 21 November 2020

Online, hosted by Brenda on Zoom

All those who have attained the Diploma in the Spiritual Development are welcome!!!

The Power of Authenticity

Whether at work, in social life or in intimate relationships, being truly authentic engenders trust, commitment, respect and honest, open communication. But more than this – it frees us to be all that we truly are as we relax, stand in our power and speak out truth.  We can be fully present in every moment, constantly exploring the possibilities of now and also our path forward to a creative future free from the self-imposed stress of trying to be anything other than we are.

The joy of Spiritual Play

Joy is an essential part of spiritual practice, but also a requirement for our well-being, helping to create a healthy heart and a strong immune system while also aiding pain relief, reducing stress and bringing a new lightness to relationships and daily transactions with others whether socially or at work. Living with the serious and painful can be endured more easily by introducing into our lives joy and a sense of wonder that simultaneously lift our spirit but keep our feet on the ground. Come – treat yourself to a day of nurturing your soul that will help the rest of you to cope with whatever life sends in your direction.

Maximum of 12 participants

Due to the way Brenda works, the number of participants is restricted to a maximum of 12, so she can see everyone on gallery view. So it is really important that you book well ahead and pay in advance to secure your place. Details for payment are available from Tara who will send you an invoice and receipts for your records.

Fee: £225

Please register with Tara, and she will send you a Zoom invitation:  Please note that, though the meeting is set for 9 hours, each day, in fact, the teaching will be for four sessions of approximately 90 minutes with adequate breaks in between.