Questions of Spirituality, Health & Life - Rome, Friday 31 January- All Welcome!

Rome, Italy

Friday, 31 January, 18:00-20:30

Do you have questions about life and death, birth and survival? About illness and health and how spirituality plays a part in the maintenance of our well-being? Do you ever wonder why you get sick? Why you were born? Does the state of the world concern you? Do you wonder why we still have conflict? Do you question how youcan make a difference in the world? 

Come along for an informal evening to discuss your own questions about physicaland mental health, including specific symptoms, as well as any questions you mayhave about spirituality and life in general. Brenda welcomes the opportunity to share with you a perhaps new, spiritual, and often humorous, perspective on life.  Asalways, she will ask that everyone respects confidentiality so as to create as safe a space as possible.

Location: YogAyur

Via Giuseppe Acerbi, 38 – Ostiense, Rome

Cost: 25€

For further details and booking, please email Michelle Wallon or via WhatsApp +349 962 3950