The Choice to be Childless - Saturday 05 December 2020 - All Welcome!

The Choice to be Childless Saturday 5 December 2020

Hosted by Dr Brenda Davies on Zoom – Limited number of spaces

9am till 5:30pm

In times gone by, for women at least, there was little choice, if any, about whether or not to have children.  Much has changed since then.  Yet many women who are childless by choice are still met with prejudice, questions and even outrage by those who judge that a woman’s identity is connected to motherhood and that making an active decision to follow a career, for instance, or their own happiness or independence instead of motherhood is nothing short of selfishness and quite shocking.  Yet in this over-populated world of diminishing space and resources, it could be seen as heroic selflessness. But there is also the issue of the unconscious decision which might appear to be an active one yet is accompanied by ambivalent unresolved emotions for much of her life and regret and grief once it becomes physically impossible to reverse their decision…  Everyone will be welcome.

Cost: £125 for the day. However, if booked together with Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Aspects of the Condition we call Infertility on the 04 December then the cost for both days is £225.

For further details and booking please contact Tara Hawes.