Understanding the language of our symptoms - Evenings online - all welcome! New dates

Understanding the Language of our Symptoms

8 March, 19 April, 17 May, 21 June.  Fully Booked (with just a few spaces left for June)

New dates:  Monday 19 July, 30 August, 27 September, 29 November. 

7.30 pm until 9.30 pm with an option to leave at 9.30 pm (UK time), or to stay should the session need to run later to complete.

Rest of Europe 8.30 pm, Australia 6.30 am, New York 2.30 pm, Texas 1.30 pm

Hosted by Dr Brenda Davies on Zoom

For one evening a month Brenda will be running an event online which she has done for many years with groups in person. We are scheduling this as an evening event in the UK in the hope that those in other time zones may be able to access it too.

Symptoms are messengers that often indicate that some trauma in our past remains unhealed and still needs our attention. By creating a simple but accurate ‘map’ of your past, Brenda will help you locate what needs to be healed.  If we can heal trauma at its source, we have no need for the symptoms any longer. Healing is always an active partnership and Brenda will prepare a brief life chart and help guide you to a healthier way and suggest what you can do to help yourself heal.  She will also teach as she goes, dealing with as many issues as she can during the time available.

At no time will Brenda interfere with any other treatment you may be having.  Please do not stop any medication without checking first with your doctor.

Spaces for this intimate online event will be limited to twelve, and Brenda will ask for your agreement to respect absolute confidentiality in order to protect you and everyone.  Sometimes people attend only one session.  For some, there might be return visits. There are no guarantees, but if you would like to give this a try, then please contact Tara for more details and to book email:  tara.brendadavies@gmail.com.  You will need to book your space in advance of the event.

Fee: £25 per session.