The Brenda Davies International School of Healing and Spiritual Development

Though a while ago, the School had classes in England, Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, USA and Zambia, it is now based in UK.  However, we may be opening in Rome and possibly Croatia in 2020.  The UK group attracts people from other countries which gives us all the gift of a multi-culture, multinational forum, with lots of diversity. Classes are taught by Brenda with the invaluable support of the tutors Emma and Margaret. Silvio, who has been a tutor for about twelve years, is taking a sabbatical at present, but hopefully will be back with us in the future.

Our mission is to:

  • Promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by healing and self awareness.
  • Empower every individual to enjoy life and achieve his or her potential.
  • Honour the right of every person to confidentiality and respect.
  • Encourage individuality and intuitive style while adhering to the basic tenets of healing.
  • Accelerate our awareness of unity consciousness and equality within that consciousness.
  • Further the goal of spirituality rather than any particular religious belief or dogma.

Diploma in Spiritual Development

This two year course consists of eight residential modules. The first module gives an overview of the energy system, and each of the others is designated to a particular chakra, its development, morphology, physiology, function and dysfunction should its development be interrupted, disturbed or arrested by trauma. The accent is on our own personal healing work, which the group facilitates, accelerating our spiritual development. Credits are awarded for modules successfully completed.  Should any modules be missed they can usually be accessed later. Eight credits are essential for the award of a Diploma in Spiritual Development and proceed to the Healing School. There is a dedicates class forum on the web to allow for update, discussion and access to Brenda between modules.

“I have never experienced anything like the spiritual development course I took with Brenda. It – and she – took me far beyond my comfort zone and made me examine events and feelings I had up to that point kept in a locked box. But Brenda did it with such skill, gentleness and care that I felt completely safe and protected throughout. Brenda also created an atmosphere within the group that, even years later, I still feel very closely connected to them. Meeting Brenda, and taking the course with her, has made all the difference in the world to me and I thank the universe every day for bringing me to her.” S.M.

You’ll see from the photograph below, that sometimes we take very young students!

Brenda at work

Thank you for such an enlightening session. I now understand my life and relationships in a completely new way and have the tools to make changes.


Diploma in Spiritual Healing

This is a one year, four module, course open to those who have been awarded the Diploma in Spiritual Development, though being in possession of the Diploma in Spiritual Development does not automatically grant you a place in the Spiritual Healing Diploma course. The disciplined life of the healer is not for everyone, and not everyone will want to proceed.

Students of both these Diploma Courses are expected to meet regularly if possible and practice and study together between modules. Brenda remains keenly involved with every student, tracking progress during training, and between modules, she makes herself available on the confidential, dedicated class forum on the web so students can ask questions or share concerns or difficulties, while also clarifying particular points or misunderstandings.

Each graduate is responsible for his or her own professional liability insurance and it is highly recommended that you explore this before considering working with clients.

Post-Graduate Training

This prepares students to offer more complicated healing techniques while continuing to perfect their own individual healing style and to present clinical issues which they may encounter in practise. Each graduate is responsible for his or her own professional liability insurance and it is highly recommended that you explore this before considering working with clients. There is a teaching clinic on-line where we can confidentially discuss clinical issues always with the permission of the client.

Enlightening, enriching, transformative work, the model of teaching/learning used is truly holistic.


Advanced Training

This is available for those students who wish to study further and learn more advanced techniques and associated topics. Each student is responsible for his or her own professional liability insurance and it is highly recommended that you explore this before considering working with clients.

Though each student may have the opportunity of some brief individual work with Brenda, this is not an offer of therapy. Ideally students will simultaneously have personal therapy, as no doubt the work will unearth personal issues.

Professional and Personal Development Series

This series of one-day seminars is intended to add a spiritual perspective to common health issues. It is open to any health care professional or others with a particular professional or personal interest.

For further information on all aspects of Brenda’s schools, please get in touch.