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We are each on a journey through life, but what many of us don’t contemplate is that while the journey may end for our body, our soul endures through birth, life, death and beyond in an endless cycle.

In Journey of the Soul (Hodder and Stoughton, 2002), Dr. Davies explains this most mysterious cycle, illuminating the soul’s experience from its integration with the physical world at the transition we call birth, to its release into the interlife at the moment we know as death.

This is a book of love, hope and comfort, about our human journey and beyond. It opens our eyes to the incredible decisions we can make about birth and death; decisions we might previously have thought beyond our control. It talks to us of soul mates and connections that fascinate us. Newly awakened to the infinite nature of the soul, we are prompted to revisit our lives afresh and to recommence fearlessly and joyfully.

Journey of the Soul is also available in Japanese and German.

Published by: Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN: 0-340-73389-6

My soul finally found the nourishment it had been yearning for, life now started to make sense. Understanding the cycle of life and the souls journey started my path to joy and peace.


I picked up this book by ‘chance’ after the death of my partner. I could hardly put it down. It explained so much I was yearning to know. It comforted me by helping me become aware that in fact there is no death. It warmed my heart, healed my soul and helped me re-establish a life I thought was over. Thank you Brenda.



Journey of the Soul - back in stock!