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International School of Healing and Spiritual Development: These Terms and Conditions also apply to any involvement you may have in the Dr. Brenda Davies School of Healing and Spiritual Development. In particular, Dr. Davies, her agents or employees will not be held in any way responsible for any accident, injury or illness associated with your attendance at any training course. All modules for the training courses must be paid in full 6 weeks in advance of the starting day. If cancellation of attendance occurs the following refunds will apply:

  • 15-28 days in advance of the starting date – 70% of total paid;
  • 8-14 days in advance of the starting date – 40% of total paid;
  • 7 days or less in advance of the starting date – 20% of total paid.

If a student commences the course but cannot complete, s/he may complete the course in another location and at another time if Dr. Davies so decides. Dr. Davies reserves the right to refuse entry to the course of any individual for any reason and without notice. Dr. Davies reserves the right to terminate a person’s participation in the course for any reason and at any time without notice.

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