Brenda in action

Having retired from her practice as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Brenda continues to run a lively Spiritual Psychotherapy practice in UK with access by Skype all over the world. She also teaches in the School, mentors people individually, does healing, mediumship and soul rescue work and whatever else she feel called to do. She is an author with several books you’ll find in our shop and also in bookshops and on-line. She has fairly recently completed her first novel, The Girl Behind the Gates, published by Hodder in 2020 and she has also written a screenplay.  Watch this space for news on that! Though she has loved broadcasting and addressing conferences and corporate events internationally, she does little of that these days.

She practices and teaches Past Life Therapy and a variety of advanced healing techniques. Her books, DVDs, CDs, and other products are sold worldwide, some of them in several languages. Brenda is a veteran workshop leader, facilitates conflict resolution and mediates for peace on every level, whether within partnerships, families, corporations, politics or the world in general.

Basically, Brenda does what she loves, and loves what she does. And if something doesn’t fit into this framework, then she prefers not to do it at all!

“Thanks to my beloved husband Axel I got to know Brenda. I first met her while the most challenging time of my life. Axel was on his way to his transition. Meeting her first was so beautiful and ever since she is one of the most important companions on my journey. Her support and her endless love helped me and our two children to carry on, to grow and to slowly build a new life. Being a student in Brenda’s school changed my life, too. I found so many new perspectives to life, death and spirituality that enabled me to heal wounds and heal relationships. Watching Brenda working with such depth, clear ethics, integrity and love is magnificent and her books always bring joy and inspiration. Thank you, Brenda.”


Brenda’s Workplace

The short answer to the question,  ‘Where does Brenda work?’ is – anywhere. Brenda works in her consulting room, in lecture halls, by the roadside if necessary and anywhere in the world where she is invited to work – in fact wherever she’s called to be – since it is her philosophy that anyone who has the audacity to allow others to see them as a healer needs to have the courage to face and confront woundedness wherever it may be found.

Brenda at work

It is this philosophy that has taken her to the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Zambia, South Africa, the USA, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Egypt, Cambodia, Russia, Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

She is as comfortable discussing potential prosperity with a group of CEOs as she is dealing with or the effects of cocaine misuse with those suffering or interested in addictive behavior. She has worked with police, probation officers, social workers, medical professionals, politicians, scientists, nurses, teachers, healing practitioners, parents and of course the sufferers of whatever ails us as human beings.

She has been heard to say – Invite me and I’ll be there…