Brenda's Approach

With her vast knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the energy system, her spiritual gifts and medical training, combined with her huge capacity for love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding, Brenda helps each individual to heal and integrate their trauma so that every dimension of their life can function as a harmonious whole.

Brenda combines allopathic medicine with spiritual and complementary approaches, and brings a unique and effective approach to physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Symptoms always indicate that at some level we are in dis-ease and have wounds that are yet to heal. Ideally therefore, rather than simply abolishing them, we need to listen to their language and search for the trauma they are trying to reveal. Otherwise the symptoms are likely to recur as they are still necessary messengers alerting us to the fact that there are still wounds to be gently cared for until they heal.

‘To see Brenda work with people, feed back what she was seeing in their chakras, and to hear them confirm what she saw was inspirational to me. Brenda is a powerful woman and a gifted healer. I felt privileged to be in the same room.’


Whereas we generally tend to physical wounds when they occur, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds are often neglected, ignored or denied. Thus, complete healing is often delayed or doesn’t happen at all. Using a simple but effective map, her intuitive skills, good communication and of course her medical training, Brenda can usually accurately pinpoint the source of current symptoms so they can be understood and heal, while giving suggestions for maintaining our health and preventing future illness.

She is equally at home dealing with physical or mental illness, recovery from addiction or trauma, exhaustion or burnout, grief or relationship crisis, or spiritual issues such as soul attachment or soul fragment loss and usually help you to talk to a loved one who has passed on.

I wouldn’t have believed this had I not see it with my own eyes. Within minutes, Brenda found the exact moment when I was traumatised at the age of six, and all the symptoms associated with that eventually disappeared.

ASG, Cyprus

Brenda enjoys working with individuals, couples, families or large workshop groups and sometimes very large audiences. She teaches on topics as diverse as energy medicine, spiritual approaches to various issues such as addictions, adolescence, sexuality, prosperity, co-dependence, suicide and so on. She mentors people through career or crisis; teaches inspirational leadership and integrity in business and politics, conflict resolution and the peace building. She runs a series of continuing education programmes for professionals. Since she believes that healing is most effective when taking place within an active partnership, she has created several self-healing tools in the form of books, DVDs, CDs and other products .

Should you wish for Brenda to speak at a symposium or conference, contact Tara.